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Handling Difficult Conversations & Situations

  • The psychological effects are obvious. Consequences on health, anxiety, stress, absence, even from seasoned housing professionals can only make things worse – for both the individuals and the organisation’s business ambitions. Even office-based staff are feeling threatened by persistent harassment from people in reception areas and offices.
    We can all point to possible issues that stimulate this unwelcome attention. Social housing is a stressful business at the best of times. Add layers of changes to income and availability and the recipe becomes more vulnerable – even toxic.
    Mark Wingfield is delivering a very practical course specifically designed to provide techniques and experiences to handle the worst consequences.
    Participants will leave empowered with the confidence and an immediate increase in ability to handle the simplest of complaints to the most challenging of abuse.
    What have others obtained from the course?

    • The ability to psyche yourself up to do specific things/telephone
    • Learn how to control the conversation
    • Control Anger and Stress Management
    • Communicate more effectively – from how to look, how to defuse & handle indignation
    • Ensure their own personal safety

    How it works for you
    Because people do not come as standard, neither does this training. Your objectives and needs will always be discussed with you and the content tailored to take into account your issues and the outcomes you want.
    Any training can be for lone workers, site staff, visiting officers, maintenance contractors, tenancy enforcement and court officers – indeed, any members of staff who feel that the knowledge and coaching will benefit them both professionally and personally.
    And in Mark Wingfield, probably one of the most experienced and talented trainers in the business.
    You are in safe hands.