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Lunchtime at 95

  • A Legend in its own Lunchtime
    One thing we trainers have noticed over the last few years is that training budgets have been affected badly by the shortage of biscuits.
    Once upon a time a training day would be focused on the timetabling of lunch, as part of housekeeping. Now, in many cases, lunchtime is just that – a time, rather than a thing.
    We understand. We are very experienced trainers. We can bring our own biscuits and a can of drink. Many of us did anyway. We don’t expect to be fed.
    So Training95 doesn’t do lunch either.
    We’re not heartless but we know that hotels have high mark-ups on food and drink. That affects the price you pay. That affects the overall budget. You are paying for training and expertise, not a bowl of crisps. Community based venues don’t have this level of profit. Lunch is their bread and butter.
    So, at a Training95 course, you can have your cake and eat it…but you’ll need to buy it yourself. Safe in the knowledge that through buying it you will be donating to the community enterprise.
    To make this easier, most of the Training95 venues have on-site cafes. If not, they are situated very close to a shop. Or, just do what the trainers have done and bring your own picnic.
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