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What’s the Cost?

  • How much does it all cost? Where does the budget go?
    TRAINING definition: Teaching a skill or type of behaviour; to improve performance.
    We haven’t got a problem with that. Better skills and behaviours that lead to improved performance can only benefit the service through which those skills are delivered. That’s a good thing.
    A recent training course was held for social housing staff at a 4-star hotel. A one-day course where the cost was £250 for each delegate place. The hotel charges around £50 for a ‘day delegate’ that includes refreshments.
    Nothing wrong with that, although we leave you to do the sums when 20 people attend.
    The hotel venue gets £1,000.
    The trainer, the advertising and marketing …let’s guess at another £1,000.
    To charge 20 people £250 is £5,000. Deduct the above costs leaves a net surplus/profit of £3,000.
    That’s from 20 people attending. It won’t include the expenses claimed by those people.
    Course fees and course expenses will come out of the training budget. The training budget comes from the rent that your customers pay.

    A Training95 course won’t be held in a hotel. The venues are community-run enterprises.
    The cost is £95. Not £250. If your training budget can stretch to £250 then send 3 for the same/similar money (give or take a pound or two). Value. Yes, the venue costs – but nowhere near £50 per head. The venue costs will benefit the community enterprise directly. Reciprocity. Training95 doesn’t pay hotels. It gives back to the community.
    How? No staff. No offices. No layers. Simplicity itself.

    The beneficiaries? Everyone takes a fair share. And you and your staff still get excellent training delivered by excellent trainers. What’s not to like?