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The In-House Option – Take Training95 home

  • We understand that you sometimes want us to come to you. No problem. We will accept it as a compliment that our courses and trainers are very attractive to many of your staff.
    However, our 3 Principles remain.
    First, the cost is £95 for each person attending.
    Next, we realise that there are no ‘venue hire’ costs. So we will reduce the overall cost of the course by 9.5% to accommodate the accommodation. That retains Value. And finally, a local community enterprise must benefit.
    A further 9.5% will be deducted and this amount will be donated by Training95 to a charity/community enterprise nominated by you and your staff. Your choice of how to give something back. Reciprocity we call it.
    You can now get your calculators out to see how this all works…see you soon.