Get the most from your systems

Software can be very expensive and it’s hard at times to know how to buy the solutions, have them implemented well and get the most from them.

Tony Smith has implemented more than 20 full integrated solutions in the sector and worked with over 70 landlords to improve their processes & systems. His mission is to help all landlords, get the most from their ICT.

After this masterclass, you will have a better idea of what to ask suppliers, how to tackle contracts to get what you need, protect your organisation from delays and increased costs. Also, what to do if your current system and processes are not working properly for your organisation.

Key takeaways will better equip you and your organisation, to get the most from your systems.

Reducing Evictions and Homelessness through Actionable Insight

We know there are problems with the demand on homelessness. There are problems with the number of evictions from rented housing. There is a huge impact on Housing Options and Homelessness teams.

The content involves examining behaviours – both your own and how your customers behave to the impact of your actions. Why people make the decisions and choices that they do. How language and framing can influence what people do next. Or not do. How intentions and promises are vastly different from actions taken

The day is in two parts and presented by two trainers:
1. An overview of behavioural insight – ‘nudge theory’ – and how it affects how we act and respond. 2. Applying this knowledge to the problems you face.

This ‘actionable insight’ has been delivered by Anna O’Halloran and Barry Marlow very successfully in-house. Now it’s your turn.

Here is your opportunity to take a different look at familiar problems using Actionable Insight; not only how to obtain it, but what to do with it.

Unfamiliar tactics for familiar issues

Another unique training experience with one of the UK’s best-known trainers in behavioural thinking and insight – Anna O’Halloran.

This course will introduce you to some of the most impressionable and effective techniques that can be applied to any service re-design:
1. Appreciative Inquiry 2. Co-Creation 3. Behavioural Insight – ‘nudge theory’

Anna calls these ‘unfamiliar tactics for familiar issues’ and you will see why when you come along to this highly enjoyable and interactive day.

We know that there are challenges caused through change, customer satisfaction/expectation and measurable performance.

Here is a day that moves your thinking from involvement to insight.

You won’t regret it.